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Always have a Stylish Piece of Accessory on your arm with our Loyalty Program..!

Retag’s Loyalty Program allows to have a new piece of Pre-Loved Accessory any time you want with No Time-Limit Restrictions on the next one!

Exchange Process

Purchase The Luxe Accessory Of Your Choice

So here’s how it goes down - purchase a pre-loved luxury accessory from us and cherish it up to a period of 0-6 months.

Remit it For The Next One

Exchange the purchased accessory within a time frame of 0 to 6 months and get 70-80% credit (as per its purchase price) for it.

Get a New Pre-loved Accessory from the Credit

The credit you have received can be used next time you purchase another pre-loved accessory from us.

When it comes to our Exchange Process

“Time is of the Essence”


Short-lived InterludeExchange within 0 - 2 months

Avail credit worth 80% if you exchange your accessory with a time period of 0 to 2 months from the date of purchase.


Standard CourtshipExchange within 2 - 4 months

Avail credit of up to 70% off the purchase price of your pre-loved accessory in case you wish to exchange it within 2 to 4 months of its purchase.


Passionate AffairExchange within 4 - 6 months

Avail credit of up to 65% of the purchase price of your pre-loved accessory if you exchange it within 4 to 6 months of its purchase.

All the Deets about our Program

How to Use the Exchange Program?

The answer to this is extremely simple, all you need to do is, visit our Retag’s Loyalty Program Page and select the item you would like to exchange out of your eligible purchases.

If the item is within the qualifying period of exchange you will get payment in form of Retag Credits once it sells (our consignment period for this is 4 months). Also, we have a team of experts to assist you in the process if needed.

How does this program differ from Renting?

Through our exchange program, we are offering you a chance to be the owner of your desired luxury accessory till the time you decide to swap it with something else, unlike renting or leasing a product. Also, you will get a clear indication of what value you will receive in case you decide to opt for an exchange through our program within a time span of 0 to 6 months.

Needless to say, there is absolutely no pressure in case you love your accessory so much that you do not wish to exchange it by opting for this program then by all means keep it!



Terms And Conditions

  • The Exchange program is valid for the products purchased from our website only.
  • For a product to qualify for exchange, the condition should be the same as it was purchased.
  • No need to sweat in case the condition of your item is not exactly the same as it was when you bought it from us. We will still accept the exchange but the exchange value will change depending on the final condition of the product.
  • Please upload the original invoice of the Product Purchased From RETAG
  • You will receive the exchange amount in the form of Retag credits once the product sells considering the consignment period of 4 months for the same.
  • All Retag Store Credits to be Re-deemed within 6 Months from the Date of Issue.
  • The maximum time limit to avail the exchange program is 6 months from the date of purchase of the original product.
  • Retag reserves the right to accept or reject a product for exchange under this program and all decisions regarding the same will be at the sole discretion of our team.
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